WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Story May 22, 2024

Off-Stamp redefines single-use vape with biform SW9000

  • Vaping game-changer Off-Stamp premieres globally
  • SW9000 unveiled as the US's first single-use vape with attachable battery
  • 56 color and icon pod-battery combinations offered
  • Up to 9,000 puffs and long battery life


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaping game changer Off-Stamp today redefines the US sector with its first product, SW9000 — a single-use vape with an innovative and interchangeable pod-battery pair.


The product, shaped with a single-use pod and an attachable battery for the first time in the US, offers bespoke color combinations and an enduring vaping experience.


This SW9000 vape kit consists of two parallel magnetic parts — a standalone single-use pod and a power-bank battery rechargeable via USB Type-C.


The product sets itself apart by offering a distinctive user experience. This unprecedented dual mode, or biform, allows the pod to be used separately, thanks to its in-built battery, while it delivers up to 9,000 puffs when pairing the pod with attachable battery.


SW9000 offers the bang for the best buck deal with its replaceable pods and reusable batteries, both interchangeable. Users can keep the battery for further matching with newly purchased pods. 


Based on regular vapers' usage frequency, this product form is forecast to bring massive savings in the long run.



Combination never ends, user experience never ceases


By color and icon, SW9000 vape kit presents an array of eight flavor pods and a selection of seven batteries, generating up to 56 combinations. This never gets bored with more juxtapositions unlocked.


"The attachable magnetic structure raises the bar of playfulness for this product," said Penny Yip, product manager of Off-Stamp. "The plethora of icons on pod and battery, in different colors, are not only a bold statement of users' trait, but also encourage them to share their batteries to explore," she added.


Furthermore, the indicator light can reflect the real-time battery levels in a tricolor mode, facilitating the check of device status at one glance. 


Attachable battery, longer vaping sessions 


SW9000 takes the crown of having the longest battery life among all single-use vapes available in the US.


The vape kit is powered with a 1000 mAh battery capacity, providing longer, and most importantly, more enduring vaping sessions with its 13ml e-liquid.


These features, notably the attachable battery, offer a much longer vaping experience than standard 8,000- to 10,000-puff products on the market, amid increasing demand for extended usage from adult users.


Enriched mouthfeel, strong throat hit


With distinctive fruity and minty flavors tailored for American adult vapers' tastebuds, SW9000 integrates MESH Coil, delivering smooth and enriched mouthfeel, and realizing consistent flavor reproduction. On top of MESH Coil, SW9000 optimizes its electronic resistance and e-liquid ingredients, to bring the strongest possible throat hit and an overall mouthfeel to users.


About Off-Stamp


Game-changing vape brand Off-Stamp is committed to providing the most interactive and novel vaping experience for adult users. With boundless creativity, the brand designs a diversity of captivating and innovative products that reflect the non-conventional persona of its users, encouraging them to share positive vibes and enjoy every moment of life.


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