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Story May 22, 2024

Off-Stamp SW9000 laureated iF Design Award 2024

LAS VEGAS, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaping game changer Off-Stamp announced that SW9000, its first-ever product, has been laureated the renowned International Forum (iF) Design Award 2024.


The product category honor was given for SW9000's creative design, playful experience, and effort to minimize environmental impact.


The product debuted in January 2024 as the first vape kit in the US with an interchangeable pair consisting of two parallel magnetic parts — a standalone replaceable pod and an attachable battery.


Its unprecedented magnetic structure allows adult users to dispose of the used pod while keeping the attachable battery for recharging, and further matching with reusable pods in various colors and flavors.


Such a detachable product form extends the product lifespan, while reducing waste, especially discarded batteries, from conventional single-use vapes.



The SW9000 vape kit can deliver up to 9,000 puffs when pairing a pod with an attachable battery. Meanwhile, adult users can also use the pod separately, thanks to its in-built battery, providing a seamless vaping experience when its attachable battery runs out.


With distinctive colors and patterns on each pod and an attachable battery, adult users can mix and match them to form different icons on the pair. By color and pattern, SW9000 vape kit presents an array of eight flavor pods and a selection of seven batteries, generating up to 56 combinations. The plethora of pods and batteries encourage adult users to explore more combinations, raising the bar of playfulness for this product.


"We are very proud that our first product, SW9000 is granted iF Design Award 2024," said Eric Lei, Industrial Designer of Off-Stamp SW9000, adding that this recognition serves as a testament to the Off-Stamp team's innovative effort to reduce the environmental impact of single-use products.


"Combining functionality and aesthetics in design, SW9000 echoes Off-Stamp's unwavering commitment to offering the most interactive and novel vaping products for adult users," said Penny Yip, product manager of Off-Stamp.


About Off-Stamp


Game-changing vape brand Off-Stamp is committed to providing the most interactive and novel vaping experience for adult users. With boundless creativity, the brand designs a diversity of captivating and innovative products that reflect the non-conventional persona of its users, encouraging them to share positive vibes and enjoy every moment of life.


For more information about Off-Stamp and its products, please visit off-stamp.com




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