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Story Jun 21, 2024

Taking Disposable Vapes on Airplanes: What You Need to Know

Disposable vapes, also known as disposable e-cigarettes, are designed for one-time use, and the vape juice is not refillable. If it’s a disposable pod system, you can replace it, but again, you can’t refill the e-liquid. Want to learn more about disposable vape, such as its components and advantages? Please browse our article “Disposable Vape 101.”


Disposable vapes have become increasingly popular among young consumers in recent years. These small, self-contained devices provide a convenient and discreet way to vape without refilling or recharging.


Disposable e-cigarettes, like other e-cigarette products, are subject to regulations and restrictions, especially regarding air travel and transportation. As a travel enthusiast, can I take a vape on a plane?


Bringing vape devices on board with an adequate understanding of the guidelines can prevent problems. Therefore, whether you have taken a vape to the airplane in the past, it is important to stay updated on the latest TSA and airline policies to ensure a smooth and compliant travel experience.


TSA Regulations on Disposable Vapes


To ensure the safety of passengers and crew, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has established specific guidelines for transporting disposable e-cigarettes and other e-cigarette devices on board aircraft.


According to the regulation "PackSafe—Electronic Cigarettes, Vaping Devices" issued on February 22, 2023, passengers can bring a vape on an airplane. However, it must be carried on one's person or in carry-on baggage.


Carry On Bags: Yes √(Special Instructions)

Checked Bags: No X


Here are some key points to keep in mind:


Carry-on Baggage


Disposable vapes and other electronic cigarettes should be packed in carry-on bags. They are not permitted in checked baggage due to safety concerns related to potential fires caused by lithium-ion batteries.


Battery Safety

Disposable vapes typically come with built-in batteries. When traveling on an airplane, it's essential to ensure that each lithium-ion battery does not exceed a Watt-hour (Wh) rating of 100 Wh or a lithium content of 2 grams for lithium metal batteries.


If you plan to bring a vape on an airplane, it is crucial to protect the batteries from damage and ensure they are not exposed to extreme temperatures or pressure that could cause them to rupture.





Security Screening


During security screening, please remove your disposable vape and other electronic cigarette devices from your carry-on bag and put them in a bin for X-ray screening. Remember that liquids like vape juice cartridges must follow the TSA's liquids rule. This means they should be in containers of up to 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per container, and all containers should fit within a single quart-size resealable bag.


Forbid Activation


Passengers must prevent accidental activation of device heating elements during transport.


Additional Restrictions


Some airports or airlines may have additional restrictions or policies regarding vaping devices or disposable vapes. It's advisable to check with the specific airport or airline you will be traveling through for any additional guidelines or restrictions they may have in place.


There are four tips for effective measures to deactivate vape devices, but not limited to:


  1. If your vape battery is allowed to be disassembled separately, please remove the battery from the electronic smoking device;
  2. Placing your disposable vape into a protective case;
  3. Using a protective cover, safety latch, or locking device on the vaping device's heating coil activation button;
  4. Spare lithium batteries must be carried in person or carry-on baggage and individually protected to prevent short circuits.


TSA prohibits the following items related to electric smoking vape:


  1. Loose lithium-ion batteries (spare batteries must be placed in carry-on luggage)
  2. E-cigarette liquids or e-liquids larger than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) in carry-on luggage
  3. E-cigarette devices with removable batteries in checked luggage


Remember that regulations can change, so it's crucial to consult the most recent information from the TSA or relevant authorities before your travel date to ensure compliance with current regulations. Off-Stamp recommends visiting the TSA website (www.tsa.gov) or contacting the TSA directly for official guidance when flying.


Can You Use Disposable E-cigarettes At the Airport?


Please note that the same rules and regulations that apply to public smoking also apply to e-cigarettes in most areas. This means that if smoking is not allowed at your location, then vaping is also prohibited.


There are few designated areas in airports where smoking or vaping is allowed. Disposable e-cigarettes can only be used in these marked smoking areas.


If you wish to use disposable e-cigarettes at the airport and there are no smoking areas within the security checkpoint, you must leave the airport terminal and vape outside. If you have a layover in another country, you must go through customs immigration after vaping and then through airport security before continuing your journey.


If you plan to vape or smoke before your next flight, ensure that you allow enough time for these activities.


How Many Disposable Vapes Can I Bring on An Airplane


When it comes to carrying disposable e-cigarettes on board, there are some rules to keep in mind:


Carry-on Baggage


Bring unlimited disposable e-cigarettes in your carry-on baggage if the battery capacity is over 100 Wh. This means that most standard disposable e-cigarettes (usually with a battery capacity of less than 20 Wh) are allowed on board without issue.


Checked Baggage


Disposable e-cigarettes are not permitted in checked baggage due to the fire hazard posed by lithium-ion batteries in the cargo hold. Therefore, all e-cigarette devices, including disposables, must be in your carry-on.


Airline-Specific Policies


While the TSA allows unlimited disposable e-cigarettes in carry-on luggage, some airlines may have their own restrictions or limitations. It's best to check with your airline before traveling to ensure you comply with their specific rules and regulations.


It's important to note that disposable e-cigarettes must also adhere to the size and volume restrictions for liquids/gels in carry-on luggage, which is 3.4 ounces or 100 ml per container.





Airline Policies on Disposable Vapes


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has established federal guidelines for transporting disposable e-cigarettes and vaping devices. However, individual airlines may have their distinct policies and restrictions in place. These policies can vary significantly between different airlines.


While some airlines prohibit the use or transportation of any vaping devices, including disposable e-cigarettes, on their flights, others may permit these devices on board but restrict their use during the flight. Moreover, specific requirements for packing and transporting e-cigarette devices in checked and carry-on baggage may also vary.


As airline policies differ, travelers should check with specific airlines before flying to understand the rules and requirements for carrying disposable e-cigarettes on board. Policies may change over time, so it's best to check the airline's website or contact its customer service team for the latest information.


Here's what some of the significant airlines say about traveling with disposable vapes:


**American Airlines**


American Airlines allows two devices per person under the category "portable electronic devices containing cells or batteries". The good news is that two of each kind of device are allowed. You could take two vapes along with your watch, cell phone, or laptop.


**United Airlines**


United Airlines does not restrict the number of vapes you can bring in a carry-on bag. However, you won't be able to charge or use your vape at any United Club location.


**Southwest Airlines**


Southwest doesn't explicitly limit the number of disposable vapes you can have as long as they're in your carry-on bag. However, they do limit the number of spare batteries to 20. So, you'll likely encounter problems if you want to bring more than 20 disposable vapes.




JetBlue allows vapes to be carried on your person or in a carry-on bag. However, they also require them to be switched off and disconnected from the battery, which may pose an issue for some types of disposable vapes. The airline requires passengers to remove their vapes if the bag is inspected at the gate or plane. They also note that vaping isn't permitted at departure or arrival gates or while embarking or disembarking from the aircraft.


**Alaska Airlines**


Alaska Airlines does not allow e-cigarettes on board their flights at all. Therefore, you must leave your disposable vape at home if you're flying with them.


**Virgin America**


Vapes are prohibited on Virgin America flights to and from India. Otherwise, you can carry a vape for personal use if it meets the TSA restrictions.




Please remember that Disposable vapes should be kept in your pocket or carry-on luggage for the entire flight. You are not allowed to use any e-cigarette devices on the plane, and attempting to do so may cause you to incur a hefty fine.


Do not try to sneak a puff in your seat or use vape devices in the restroom. If you have difficulty controlling nicotine cravings, carry alternative nicotine replacement products, such as nicotine gum.